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Capital Gains tax 

Ayres Bright Vickers offers advisory services to ensure that you don’t pay a higher amount of capital gains tax than you absolutely have to and any earlier than you have to. We can complete and submit all the necessary paperwork for you, deal with HMRC and agree the liability on your behalf.

What is Capital Gains Tax?

In brief, capital gains tax is the tax on the profit that you make when you dispose of an asset that has increased in value.. Some assets are tax-free (for example, ISAs, PEPs and Premiums Bonds), and you may not always pay capital gains tax if your gains in a single year fall under your tax-free allowance.

What is Capital Gains Tax paid on?

These are called “chargeable assets” and include:

  • A business
  • A second property
  • Overseas property
  • An heirloom
  • Shares
  • Valuable personal possessions, for example antiques, paintings and jewellery sold for more than £6,000.

Capital Gains Tax Advice from Ayres Bright Vickers

Ayres Bright Vickers has the expertise and experience you need. We’ll explain clearly what your obligations are, and create a strategy tailored to your particular circumstances, identifying all the reliefs and deductions available – and liaising with HMRC on your behalf.

Whilst you must pay what you legally owe, our advice may enable you to reduce your payment of capital gains tax, and possibly even defer payments by utilising holdover or rollover relief if appropriate.

Planning is Everything

There’s a lot to know: transferring your assets into trusts, or re-structuring them; gifting business assets, for example, or transferring assets between family members.

We’re here to help. What’s more, we’ll keep you up to speed on all legislative changes and capital gains tax reliefs.

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