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Trusts and Estates

Taxation matters relating to trusts and estates can be confusing, so let Ayres Bright Vickers manage the entire process. Not only can we prepare trusts and estates accounts, we offer a variety of tax and planning advice services to help support your personal and family needs.

It’s all about peace of mind, knowing that your family is protected.


A trust is a way to manage money, investments, land or buildings on behalf of someone else. Chiefly, they’re aimed at protecting the assets within your family, perhaps for someone too young to manage them themselves, or an adult incapacitated by mental or physical health issues.

You may also use a trust as a way to pass on assets while you’re still alive, or when you die – to your grandchildren, perhaps

Given that the tax laws may have changed since you set up your trust, and that there are different types, it’s probably obvious that there are implications. What’s more, as we’ve implied, these tax issues may not be particularly “user friendly”.

Now may even be an appropriate time to wind up a trust so that your beneficiaries can receive funds or assets. How can you best minimise the tax cost?

How we help you?

As Chartered Accountants, Ayres Bright Vickers can advise clients on all aspects of trusts, including (but not limited to):

  • Preparation and submission of trust self-assessments
  • Calculating the inheritance tax position of the trust and liaising with HMRC on your behalf
  • Capital gains tax planning for the beneficiaries of the trust
  • 10 year anniversary tax charge calculations.

We’re also happy to advice on whether a trust will be suitable for your needs.

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If you’d like us to help with your tax affairs, it will be our pleasure to do so.


If you’re considering the future, careful planning could help maximize the tax opportunities available to ensure that the maximum amount is passed down to your loved ones after you die.

Do you have a detailed knowledge of the tax rules surrounding estates?

We offer a full range of tax services to help you enjoy life now, safe and secure in the knowledge that you’ve done the right thing for the generations coming up after you. Our experience and understanding of the ever-changing tax laws is second to none. For example, we can:

  • Prepare the estate’s self-assessment tax return
  • Finalise your tax affairs after your death
  • Prepare statements of estate income and forms R185 for distribution of your legacy to your beneficiaries
  • Calculate the inheritance tax position of the Estate
  • Advise on any resultant capital gains tax matters

Ayres Bright Vickers is an firm with a difference: we have excellent listening skills AND we won’t blind you with science. When it comes to tax, we’re here for you. Contact us today.

Let us help you to protect your family.

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